Dr.web virus scan result, can someone guide me to a transelation?

Cherry Mobile Flare S6 with Dr.web:
*Android.Downloader.733.origin (x2 in 2 separate apps even after disabling all app permissions.)

Cherry Mobile Flare S6 with Kaspersky:
*1 Trojan (after disabling all the apps I suspected it might be hiding it the end result was also 0.)

my|phone myX8 with Dr.web:
*Android.Ibingo.1.origin (disabled the launchers permissions hoping it will halt what ever this malware is doing.)
*Android.Downloader.3737 (this one just shows sale ads from my|phone so I do not consider it a big deal…)

my|phone myX8 with Kaspersky:
*0 viruses or Trojans was found. (still disabled all weird apps after…)

Huawei honor 6C with Dr.web & Kaspersky:
*0 viruses or Trojans was found.

Anyone know a fact or database web page for Dr.webs viruses? I wanna know that these do… O3O

Update: So far my understanding is that the ones named Android.Downloader are Trojans designed to download un-wanted apps, so far not found any of such and disabling these apps internet access should resolve it yes?
https://vms.drweb.com/search/?q=Android.Downloader.733.origin & https://vms.drweb.com/search/?q=Android.Downloader.3737 but the one named “Android.Ibingo.1.origin” which is the launcher of the my|phone was just labeled as “was detected as a threat by dr.web due to its functions that are typical for malware” okay its also not listed at dr.webs webpage so false positive maybe? O3O