DPI in 1080p V.S. DPI in 4k

I didn't really know what category to put this under, so i put it under PC games because it kind of has to do with pc games. I was just wondering, for cs:go especially, if my DPI in 1080p is 400, what would it be in 4k? I also feels like i play better in 1080p, is there a difference between the two that would make me feel that way? Thanks

It would be x2(800) because there are x2 the amount of pixels in each direction.

You could just scale your mouse sensitivity

How would i do that?

so times 800? or 2x 400 so it would be 800. lol

its just 2x 400 making it 800 lol, but its not exactly accurate, it depends on the mouse accuracy. But its a fair estimate.

By changing it in your mouse's software? Or just changing in game/windows sensitivity