Hey guys, I am having a problem with blue screens with this error. (I'm a little new to the PC world, I know the basics, and some advanced things.) When I first start up my computer SOMETIMES, it say "oops something went wrong, please wait while we gather some information for you." So now I have the minidump ready for you guys,  and I was wondering if someone knew what was wrong. I updated almost all of my drivers (including: Socket, Everything with GPU). What I didnt do was some drivers with BIOS, and lan. I figured the lan one would be fine. And some people said dont update your BIOS, so I never did, cause I didnt know what it was going to do. If you could help me out, Ill try getting the minidump posted somewhere and link it later.

Alright I posted this in the windows forum, and it didnt help cause no one responded. So I'm posting this here. I Tryed using the windows disk today, and it didnt repair. It said windows couldent do anything. Any other ideas? 

Here is a link to the minidump. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=6A5B588C32BA3F6B%21856

Dump File: 071114-12500-01.dmp Crash Time: 12/07/2014 3:52:46 A Bug Check String: 0x00000133 Caused By Driver: hal.dll Caused By Address: hal.dll+539a

It appears to be an issue with the hal.dll, the DLL file might be the root cause of the error, for instance if the file has been corrupted or deleted.

Another possible cause is a damaged hard drive but in most cases that I've seen in Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista, missing hal.dll errors are due to issues with the master boot code.

A hotfix can be found here.

Do some research on hal.dll for more information


As long as your windows install is clean and drivers (all of them - do your BIOS and LAN) are up to date. I would dare say this is a hardware issue as the HAL is short for 'hardware abstraction layer'.

First if you have anything overclocked, go back to default.

Run diagnostic tools on your hdd (seatools, hd tune etc), stress tests for your gpu and cpu (eg. occt), memtest86 (just google it) your ram. Fingers crossed it isnt your motherboard (of which it may very well be, hence BIOS updates are worth doing if there is a known bug, the vendors dont update BIOS files just for fun they are there to fix issues). Could even be that your psu is failing.

In short, software diagnostics then look at your hardware - use a donor pc that you know works.

Ill try downloading the hotfix. Ill get back to you on it later. Thank you!!

Thanks same thing has been happening to me sometimes and hopefully this download will work.

So far it looks like it working, No blue screens yet, I usally only got them when booting up, Thank you so much!

It just froze again today. And when I installed the hot fix, I found out i was only unzipping it, when i went to execute the file, its says "This update is not acceptable to your computer". Did I have to do that registry thing it said on the windows page? 


Registry information

To enable this fix, you must create or modify the following registry subkey:

Registry subkey:

DWORD name: IgnoreDummyWrite
DWORD value: 1
I don't know what it wants me to do? Any Ideas?

Its only during boot up I have these problems, Never at any other time.