DP1.2 monitors on DP1.4 KVM

Hi everyone

I wish to use a KVM to connect two monitors to my gaming PC and a work laptop. Currenty i’m aiming towards the dual screen / dual PC dp1.4 KVM with the recommended DP to USB-C cable (laptop only has usb C ports).

The monitors I wish to use are both dp 1.2, one 1440p 144hz and one 1080p 144hz display. Will these still work properly as they are dp1.2?

Hey thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

Yes DP 1.2 is compatible with DP 1.4 no problem. You’re good there, and have room for future upgrades.

Just a minor point here, the cable is actually USB-C to DP, it is not the same type of connection if you flip those two around. By recommended I assume you mean Moshi? If so yes that’s a good cable for the use case! You also have the option of adding in a dock between the KVM and laptop if you need more functionality.

Hi Amber

Thank you for your quick reply. Good to know that my screens will work fine with the KVM. I indeed meant the Moshi cable. Interesting to hear I can add a dock too, that might even be more elegant (single cable and all that).

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Just make sure you get a high-quality USB-C to USB-C :slight_smile: thunderbolt cables are always a good option for compatibility. This would alleviate your need for the Moshi as well.