DP Repeater that supports DP 1.4 + HDR Output to both DP and HDMI?

How feasible would it be to have a DP repeater like the one currently sold on the site, but that could do a full DP 1.4 passthrough to game at high refresh rates with HDR while also sending a 4K60 HDR signal via HDMI to send to a capture card? This is basically the holy grail for content creators who want to record HDR gameplay with their Elgato 4K60 Pro Mk2 and maybe stream a tone mapped version of that feed.

The Epos Vox video with its headline of display cloning being dead had me hoping the DP Repeater being sold here was that, until I delved into it. Note that I’m not expecting a HDMI 2.1 signal since there is basically nothing out there in this section of the market that supports HDMI 2.1 yet, just a HDMI 2.0 HDR signal.

Giving this a bump for some visibility,

Are you looking to extend or just “split” with HDMI conversion?

If extend what distance?

working on it, but the chipsets out there on my radar have bugs. so many bugs.

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Split with HDMI and frame rate conversion. It’s a common use case for anyone doing dual PC game streaming.

I’m afraid the Ninja V with a Gefen HDMI splitter is the closest thing to what you’re seeking.

For DP, you’re first of all looking for a DP SST 1x2 splitter with EDID management, then you want to convert the second output to HDMI and put it into a Ninja V, then tonemap in the Ninja V for output to your capture card.

For HDMI, just use plain HDMI and a Gefen HDMI splitter.

Nothing will be compatible with variable refresh, it is a requirement in dual PC setups to do fixed refresh.

Not looking for tone mapping at all actually. Looking for it to output HDR to both the DP and HDMI outputs. I’m also aware that variable refresh would be a no-go.

Then the only option is a DP SST splitter, then a active DP to HDMI converter on the second output.

It cannot be a MST splitter, and it has to specify which port it copies the EDID from for SST mode if it’s both SST and MST.

Ah yep. Seems DP 1.4 SST splitters are not of this world as of now. Thanks. But even if they were, there would be the whole conversion from 120Hz to 60Hz issue that wouldn’t be a problem if it was HDMI 2.1.

Yeah, that’s simply not a thing. You would need an HDMI 2.1 receiver chip and a FPGA to discard every 2nd frame. HDMI 2.1 licensing means there’s no mass quantity bulk chip supplier for it right now. This is why Gigabyte is limited to 24Gbps chips in all their monitors. The HDMI Licensing Corp does not trust mass chipmakers as much anymore. They want it strictly from companies that sign super strict NDAs.

The whole point behind discarding every other frame from the DisplayPort signal would be to make the outgoing signal compatible with a HDMI 2.0 capture card.

Yeah, you’d need to learn how to program a FPGA in order to do that because all the capture card FPGA engineers don’t have access to HDMI 2.1 receiver chips at the moment. Also they’re not interested in native Displayport capture, since the ONLY DP 1.2 capture card is like $3000 or something crazy.

You cannot set a EDID to one to be 120hz and expect the 60hz to only grab every 2nd frame. It doesn’t work that way when the receiving clock frequency is far above what all modern capture cards can handle. You need an FPGA to do that logic to discard every 2nd frame. You can’t do this with an ARM chip, you can’t do it with a image scaler chip (an ASIC) currently freely available out there. (Avermedia gets image scalers under NDA too)