Downsizing PC

Hi TekSyndicate, 

I was hoping to downsize my PC case from a Phantom410 to maybe a Bitfenix Prodigy Case. I want a smaller case because I like the portable size and weight of it and i want to carry around it and bring it friend's house to have lan parties.  

But i dont know what motherboard to use as i have a AMD FX8350. Any ideas that could help me? Maybe a list of parts that might be compatible with the Bitfenix Prodigy Case? 



There are no AM3+ ITX motherboards (at the moment) and the Prodigy is biger than a micro ATX case and a lot heavier to ( 7 kg just for the case! ) There are allso not any good M-ATX mobos ether for a FX8350.

You will have to go intel if you realy what the smaller form factor anless you go for a APU that's on a FM2 mobo (these have good ITX and M-ATX mobo's but are a lot less powerfull)

So the only option if i want to have a decent power PC would to switch the Intel platform?

If you want to stick with your current hardware and just cut the footprint I would suggest going for an M-ATX mini tower like the Corsair 350D or Fractal Define Mini.

how much smaller would be the Fractal Define Mini than the Phantom 410?

Can I talk you out of an ITX case if you want to keep your FX-8350? How about the Cooler Master HAF XB, it's a compact cube case that fits full size ATX motherboards. I own one myself and it fits a 240mm rad or a 280mm Rad in the front of the case if you want to do water cooling or an AIO cooler.


Length and width are about the same but it is 5 inches shorter and the understated design should make it look alot smaller.

I second Batojiri, the Cooler Master HAF XB is very easy to carry because it has handles, it is like carrying a moderately sized box and even if your harware might be in the heavy side the case factor really makes  for it.

It's about 10 lbs lighter than my HAF 912 when loaded with PC parts too due to the smaller case form factor.

would the case fit a cooler master evo 212 air cooling unit? O.O

It will fit but you wont be able to use a 200mm fan in the top if that doesn't bother you.

alright! Thanks!