Downloadable unreal 4 benchmark demo

4670K 4.8GHz.

280x, Stock.

 Average 50FPS, low of 35.


Downloading it now, will check back once I'm done benchmarking. We will see how my FX-6300 and EVGA GTX 660 SC will do.

Have some experience with Unreal Engine (since Quake), and there are some interesting items to play with.  Also, a lot of people have been commenting that they can't get a snapshot.  F9 takes a snapshot @screen resolution, and puts it in the [\Elemental\Saved\Screenshots\WindowsNoEditor] folder as a BMP.  Paint may not be your default handler for BMP files, so right-click and "Open with -> Paint."  You should see the image, and save to your liking.  Command HighResShot 1 will be screen resolution, but will crash the render.  HighResShot 2, HighResShot 3, etc.....doubles the screen resolution each number you go up.  But who really wants a 100MB picture?  Just use F9, and it won't crash.

Here some additional commands you might find time consuming:

open Elemental

pause (or hit the "Pause" button)

stat FPS

ce Start (restarts render without losing manual settings)

ce Stop (stops render - to end)

RestartLevel (restarts render losing settings - coldboot)

Show Bounds (bindings to environment)

slomo .5 (1 is normal play, numbers will +/-)

Show PostProcessing (turns on/off post processing)

Show Collision (turns on/off wireframe boxes for falling/colliding objects)

Show Skeletalmeshes (turns on/off demon's frame)

ToggleDebugCamera (turns on/off fly-thru mode + mouse wheel)

"F" Key (turns on/off Freeze Rendering)

ShowHUD (turns on/off debug console)

InvertMouse (Y-axis invert)


Also, there is an Easter Egg hidden under the volcano.  I was flying through the scenery, and went under the ice.  Looked back toward the volcano, and saw two black boxes.  There were three Unreal Logos in the boxes.  Near the end of the render, one turns from fire to normal, and the other turns from a glowing ball into ice.  Started the render over, and above the boxes (on the mountain side) there is a burning, orange U^4 directly under the volcano, and it disappears when the others start rendering.


AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz (XSPC Watercooled and OC 4.8GHz)

AMD Radeon R9 290X (XSPC Watercooled and OC 1060MHz)

FPS 51-53 with drops to 45 until the ice monster which drops to 35.

solid 45 until the ice monster.. and then it drops to to 32 :O

8350 / 4.5ghz (at the moment)

Sapphire r90 tri x / 1000 core 5300 mem (stock)

Thanks for the link.

The realistic rendering looks pretty sweet as does the Temple demo. The rest seemed pretty underwhelming but I don't think they were running at full res and graphics.