Download Question

I was just wondering if someone could answer my question. How can downloads download the wrong things? My example of this is that I downloaded Apex Legends on my computer, and my first time booting it up I had some serious crashing issues. I went to validate the integrity of the files, and it turns out that there were 2 files that failed. How does this kind of thing happen, if the data should be the same for everyone that downloads the game?

Data corruption with the two affected files happened during the download process or when the game was installing.

I’ve had this occur from time to time with Steam, just use the validate files and this takes care of things.

If you were using the Steam version perhaps clear the Steam Download cache ?

I’ve read that this can help too.

I’m more wondering HOW this happens. Like, what happens in the process of downloading that causes the files to corrupt?

many different things, could even happen on your computer if you have an unstable overclock or just a one in a million chance your bits were flipped in memory, error correction memory helps with that

it could be that some packets were sent but never received there are 2 types of connections TCP and UDP, TCP is slower but helps with keeping up with lost packets, they may be using UDP to keep it fast then checking it with a hash file