So I'm seriously considering to sell my CPU (Q9650), Mobo (Asus P5Q SE2) & Ram (OCZ Fatal1ty edition 8500) so I can get abit of extra cash for this damn deposit.
I checked on ebay and I should be able to get between 400 and 450 for them and then just buy these to replace them:

So is it honestly worth to downgrade to that in order to get an extra 100 or 150?

Pretty overpriced where you are, here I can get an athlon ii x4 for $89.

It's Europe, it's an expensive place.

electronics get tex'd to the teeth here because we have to pay for recycling aprently

btw I just posted my gear on ebay:

not really a huge downgrade. That CPU is expensive but i believe that board will unlock cores so maybe u can get a little more of your monies worth.

well it got abit better now =] cause i chagned wat i'm going to get now to this:

hoping to unlock the other 2 cores on it =]

I dont think its going to unlock. The triple core amd CPUs only unlock because thier on the same architecture as the quad core ones. Much better Mobo though, good choice

I think you should just get something even cheaper if you don't play games much. Thats what I think I'm gonna do, I barely play games and have no use for expensive hardware. BTW how much does it cost to ship some hardware to a place like Ireland?

i do play games alot tho so i want to get a good cheap cpu that i can overclock easily.
and if i was gonna but something from an american site it would cost alot on shipping since i'd have to pay vat duty but i sometimes get stuff cheaply shipped to ireland like a amd 940 i found it's $125 plus $25 shipping and thats how much it'll usually cost to get anything shipped here, to give you an idea

well If you had a friend going to Ireland from the U.S that would be your cheapest option, but I think if you can find that kind of shipping deal again, then go for it. Maybe you should only get 2gb of ram if that helps at all and get a gigabyte 790 board since they are cheap and have usb 3.0 and sata 3.