Downgraded internet to DSL, how to mitigate slower speed?

I had Rogers internet, but the connection dropped intermittently and Rogers absolutely refused to acknowledge the problem even when it dropped during a tech support call. I’ve switched to a different provider on DSL, and am now getting ~46Mbit down and ~9Mbit up consistently, while I’m used to 150/15. They might have to drop the upload to ~7Mbit because the transmit power is set really high or something. I am looking for ways to use PFSense, my Linux server, etc. to improve my internet and web experience on a slower connection.

What I already have going:

  • PFSense as the firewall, router, DHCP server, and PPPoE initiator so the cruddy modem/router combo does as little thinking as possible.
  • FQ_CODEL traffic shaping on PFSense dialed in to my DSL connection to eliminate buffer bloat
  • PFSense DNS Resolver with all other DNS blocked. Not sure if it caches or prefetches.
  • Plex server with Bluray rips on it. Seldom has more than 1 remote viewer, but I don’t know how Plex responds to upload congestion. If it’s a bad experience remotely, that’s a big problem. I might post this on the Plex forum since it’s not a networking issue per se.
  • NoScript and a few other privacy browser addons that reduce the amount of unsolicited crap running in my browser

Is there anything I could do to meaningfully improve performance of anything in a meaningful way to compensate for the slower raw internet speed?

Other than switching to a different firewall software other than Pfsense that handles the Quality Of Service algorithms better than Pfsense, @kewiha you have gone everything you can do.