Doubt on the Cisco Meraki MS Switch

Have a doubt on this switch that i hope someone here could clear my mind since i can’t seem to found a manual for them anywhere:
When you are cabling the MS350 switch, can you just use one of the SFP ports on the front to give internet access to all the other ports, or does the SFP port only manage a group of ethernet ports and therefore you’d need to use all 4 SFP ports to have internet on all 48 ethernet ports?

The SFP+ ports are usually used as “uplink” ports connecting the switch to another bigger (= more bandwidth) switch further up the tree.

Depends on expected workload.

When there are a bunch of office computers hooked up and they all “idle away” 90% of the time, you are likely fine with just one SFP+ port in use.

When hitting all RJ45 ports at full capacity, you want Link Aggregation on those SFP+ ports as a single 10Gig link will just struggle to a stall.

the use case would be to set it up for voip telephone network, so i guess one SFP+ port would be more than enough in that scenario, right?

I take that is “mission critical” to an extend then?

So I would suggest to use two SFP+ ports just for redundancy (assuming whatever switch is upstream has two free ports and supports link aggregation).

Maybe? I have no experience with VoIP.

from how it was requested seems like it. They only asked us to pick Cisco’s voip phones, switch and patch panels

The important thing to me was to just now that the SFP ports weren’t tied to act only on a group of rj ports, if one or two can do all that’s all i needed to know.

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