*DOUBLE QUESTION* Question one, anyway to convert steam wallet into PayPal? Second question, Is G2A "ethical"?

I really wanna participate in the Indie Pinata on gog, but my debit card isn't agreeing with PayPal. So I need a way to convert if possible.

Also, is G2A ethical? Do devs get payed?

With G2A, devs are paid, but typically less than if you had a bought a key on steam. Individuals will purchase keys in a region where they are cheaper, and then resell them on G2A for a profit, but the price difference between regions is big enough that it can still be cheaper. There are incidences of stolen keys, or keys that were purchased and then charged back. I've bought games there a few times, I don't know if I'd necessarily recommend it but I haven't had any problems with my keys.

hmm, i only use it if its say a game like Arkham Knight, where they literally dont give a shit about PC players.