Double LGA2011 moba for Xeon e5-2670?

After seeing Wendells topic I'm tempted to build a PC and try a virtual machine with PCIe passthrough. But as I haven't done any builds in a couple of years your input would be awesome.
I'm thinking about double Xeon e5-2670 (v1, SR0KX). Which motherboard would you recommend? I'd need at least 2 pcie x16 on it. The trouble is they seem hard to get - any sources you might now of (in Europe, or sending to Poland would be bonus ;) )?

Supermicro I guess. Thats the only company I can think of.

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Could just use an FX 8 core and do 4 threads per machine, with the ASrock 970A-G/3.1 I haven't tried it on my set up yet though

else supermicro

It seems like i have gotten a pretty good deal on one of the last ASRock Dual 2011 boards. I got -> THIS <- for 300,- Euro from Mindfactory in Germany. But it literally was the last one they had. :(

@noenken : whoa, this Asrock would be perfect, will start hunting for it.

@Streetguru : wouldn't do in this case . I want to use this machine for some 3d work and rendering, so Xeon is far better choice.

@anon5205053 : will the Asus z10pa work? I see LGA2011 v3 in the manual, while I have access to v1 Xeons.

only c602 chipset will, sorry about that one.

no probs :) . As mentioned I'm double checking anyway as it has been quite a while since I did a build.

It looks I'll get Asrock - the price is ok and local distributor is able to get it for me :) . Fingers crossed, can't wait to get the parts and start the assembly.
So now it seems I have much easier choices to make, like graphics card (will probably settle on Nvidia , as the last time I've checked AMD drivers on linux were pretty bad).

the only proper way with amd drivers on linux is to do kvm.

I'm testing the AMDGPU-PRO driver on Xubuntu 16.04. It seems to be very unstable for me but I'm not sure if that is the drivers fault. Performance wise it is awesome and it is only a beta right now.

Would gladly appreciate some more help ;) . Asrock moba has ssi eeb form factor. Size wise it is on par with eatx so I should be able to fit it in Fractal Define XL R2. In worst case scenario I'll have to drill some holes (unless I find cheaper case that matches the specs and is not plain ugly).
But I'm still unsure about power supply. Not a lot have ssi eeb in the description.
I can get Cooler Master V1000 at a nice price:

  • but will it work? In theory it has 24 pin connector and 2 x 4+4 connectors, but as I can't find the specs I'm not sure it fits ssi eeb moba.

I'm also researching a dual xeon build but its a bit more complicated than that. The crazy low priced xeon 2670's that everyone is going crazy about are the V1 versions. They DO NOT support vt-d (which is required to do hardware passthrough) so you will not be able to have PCIe passthrough in VM's.

I got very excited as well but now am thinking of building a haswell xeon (v3) build with a decent board and using ES cpu's instead.

So remember, v1 2670 xeons DO NOT support hardware passthrough.

As far as I know that is incorrect. It is not the 2670 v2 that fixed that, it is the 2670 revision C2.

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Thanks for correcting me. Like a typical morty, I was correct only 20%. :)

Could you please let me know how to buy rev c2 models from ebay?

EDIT: I've made another post on this sub forum regarding my own build. Would really appreciate you taking a look at that.

Just ask the seller. The specs you are looking for is either Revision C2 or SR0KX on the chip.

as far as I know there are early version that did not have vtd option - that's why I've been looking for SR0KX Xeons. I'm still waiting for the parts to reach me so can't check how it works atm - but I have my fingers crossed :) .