Double checking build before ordering

Hey guys, I'm building a gaming desktop and I'm aiming to play Bf3 and Skyrim for example on high/ultra settings.


The list doesn't include hard drives and such since I'm just going to use the ones in my old pc.

Decided to pick the NZXT Phantom to have enough room for another GPU to run 2 way SLI in the future.

I am also going to OC to some extent (I'm no pro at it)

I'd like to hear some opinions/advice whether this setup is capable of running the newest games on very high settings with or without the second GPU, and do I need to pick up a new cpu cooler to be able to OC the CPU enough to run the games.

Also: Is it worth it to get a 120hz monitor with this build?

Cheers! :)

The stock speeds should be fine but if your going to overclock your going to want to get a aftermarket somthing like a closed loop or a big air cooler imo its worth it in the long run keeps the overall temps in the case lower, for the 670 it should be fine at 1080p resolutions. what are you using for mass storage? If not add a 2tb seagate their dirt cheep that 120 gig ssd will fill up fast if your gaming. For 120hz monitor its up to you, I personally can't tell the diffrence between 60/120 my eyes just dont see it but if you have used one and like it its up to you id personally go for a ips pannel.  

I have a 1tb hard drive I'm going to use in this build so storage isn't a problem. I've been using a 60hz 1080p monitor as long as I can remember, was just wondering if this build is good enough for the jump to 120hz. Personally I believe this setup is capable of running skyrim and such on 120fps if I don't push the anti-aliasing too high. I've seen a lot of benchmarks with this gpu but they are always done with ultra settings with max aa so I dont really know how it will run with lower levels of aa.

Thanks for the reply jesster :)


120hz will just add cost to the monitor that you won't see much difference with. I recommend getting a higher resolution rather than a higher hz monitor, such as a 2560x1440. However, being less common monitors, their prices are higher (starting at $650, usually). a 60hz, 24", 1080p monitor will be fine, as long as there are no dead pixels, etc.