So valve is making a sequel to Defense of the Ancients, but still no news on EP.3. Is anyone else severely pissed?

hmm idk about Episode 3 maybe Gabe Newel didn't drink enough beers to decide about it i think its becoming the next Duke Nukem Forever xD

I just dont understand. In the time Episode 3 should have been out Valve has worked on L4D2-mediocre sequel to a terrific game, Portal 2-beating a dead horse for some extra cash while showing off their fancy new lighting system in source,and now DOTA2-sequel to a shitty mod for a shitty game. Also in this time span they have updated L4D2 once a week for about 20 weeks straight, ruined TF2, remade Alien Swarm, and put out a couple more useless steam updates.

I'm beginning to think their writing the story as they go and they've ran out of ideas

Seriously I couldn't care less. I can wait another year for ep 3 / hl3.

IMO Dota isnt a bad game, and a remake is really needed, old dota got so horrible graphics that noone plays it, instead we play Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends.

Agree on the ruined tf2 tho.

I'm not pissed about no Episode 3 yet... I want them to make it as good as possible. It's been three years, yes, but that's not too long of a wait for me. Portal 2 is my most looked forward to game (that's coming out in the next year) currently, so I appreciate it coming out before Episode 3, and I didn't feel L4D2 was as bad as everyone says (I see its problems though)... Perhaps I don't know shit about shit, but that's how I feel. As for how I feel about a new Dota, well, despite hearing about it a lot over the past several years, I've never played it so I couldn't say.

Yeah, I'm down with a new DOTA. With Ep3, it doesn't surprise me Valve almost always takes forever.

Only problem here is that the only good DOTA game is DOTA. We don't need hats in our heroes games, we want basshunter and ventrilo.

wow..I feel like such an ass for the drunken angry rant. Ehh DOTA isnt that bad, and I'm sure Valve will put some kind of cool spin on it, but I definatley dont think its worth delaying Ep.3, but it appears to just be me that feels this ways so im gonna shut up

Valve is putting the demands of mindless console apes before the cultured desires of PC gamers. Big fucking surprise.

im down with dota.... every single dota clone pulls "dota fags" off of wc3... and now this one is actually called DOTA, it would wipe out most of them.... im tired of trying to find a wc3 game and being spammed with dota bots... one of the worst AoS games in my opinion... hosk would probably be one of the better ones.