Dota 2

looking for some solid people to play with on dota!
have over 1400+ dota1 games under meh belt  1250 elo
and about 80 wins on d2


Favorite rolls/chars

support     puck/rubick/zues/tinker

str  slar/skellyking/tree

agi   void/sniper/pa

I've been playing Dota 2 for some time, but as a regular LoL gamer I find Dota 2 very difficult to play. I've only played against bots, and they are tough nuts to crack. If I can't pwn the bots, may God have mercy upon me on a real teambattle...

yeah when i got bored of 5v5s on dota 1 i played -wtf -lod but bam dota 2 came out and its brand new to me.... well not really just new people to play! 

on a side note back in the day playing bots was tough because of team work *at higher difficulty* same goes with playing real people... some are good use team work some are baddies :P