Dota 2 keys, come get em!

[s]I still have four keys left from when Dota gave out a ton of them. Unfortunately, I don't have any friends besides the couple I gave away already.[/s]

[s]If you still don't have Dota 2, leave your email or message me your email and I will send it to you. Or add me on steam. My steam name is "xdflames"[/s]

[s]Still have the four left.[/s]

Okay, all gone! Have fun to the guys who got em!

I will take one of those will send you a pm

I sent it to you, let me know if you get it.

I got it thank you Xdflames 

Okay cool, [s]three[/s] two more keys left.

Sent you my email and where can i put the key in and download the game?

Could I get one of those please? Thanks!

Okay, once you guys register those, that is the last ones!

@Lucas Turner, follow the directions in the email. Steam will take care of it.

Thanks Xdflames much appreciated!