Dota 2 Fun learning team experience... thing

Hey all,                   (You can skip the first paragraph if you're lazy :p)

First I'll introduce myself: I am an avid gamer, enthusiast photographer, musician and also a computer geek. I love long walks on beaches, mountains and a great read to enjoy by the fireplace. However this is not the point of this post, so let me cut to the chase. Recently I've started playing a cool little game (you've probably heard of it) called Dota 2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I mean it, it's kind of amazing, so i really want to get better and have more fun then I already have.

The problem I'm having right now are communication issues. Partly it's my fault because im relunctant on using VoIP in the game, so to fix this issue I wanted to ask you kind and friendly folk for a hand. I'm looking for a few people to play with over skype to get a working synergy going (pinging and all is great but it's just not the same) I just want to enjoy a game in a nice freindly enviroment where I won't have to endure constant shouting in Russian where the only thing I understand is: Person X is a bitch :D

So if anyone is willing to play with me my Steam is: TheMagnificentProle

I'm not that good at the game so I'm looking for people around my skill level, I'm around level 6 and got 35 wins under my belt. I don't have too much time to play right now because of pesky exams but I should have way more time by next week. 

Hope to see some of you in game ;)