Dose sli card slot matter (may be a dumb question)

so this isn't a question about pcie (as I know how they affect cards) but rather a question about the cards them self's, basically I was thinking about getting another card for my high refresh rate monitor and was curious if speed difference between the cards matter (they'll still work I know) in terms of prioritizing the faster card as my main one (plug my display into it).

No there shouldn't be any performance difference.

okay thanks and I know it seems abit dumb but I'm sure you could see where I was coming from :P

well make sure that you sli two of the same cards, you cannot mix diffrent cards with sli.

There is a diffrence between crossfire and sli,  crosffire you can use 2 of the same series of cards, like a 280 and a 280x for example. But with SLi you can´t. you can only sli 2 the same cards, like 2x GTX780 or what not.

I know I was gonna use two gtx 770 but I was wondering if the clock speed difference matters like if a faster main slot card would be better than the secondary card due to a slower clock speed even if it was like two or three fps :P

First be aware that both sli slots need to be 8x or more and the motherboard is specified as sli compatible.

If you have a board with well spaced out slots than spread out the cards as much as possible so you maximise airflow between them both.

Each card's clock speed wont matter. Just be sure to match the ram size though. Mixing a 4gb and a 2gb card will mean only 2gb is shared by the 2 gpu cores. ~ if you paid extra for more vram than its wasted..

Yes, yes it does. Chances are the PCIE lanes of the x16 slots are shared due to CPU limitations. You need to check your moterboard for this, normally it is the first two x16 pcie slots.

just guessing people didn't read the full thing and just went for the title :p but I know all that but I just never heard if clock speed made (even a small) difference but it's fine I got my answer


Naw ... you could have worded better is all..   

yeah I've been having trouble sleeping so I'm not too good at making proper thought processes XD