Doom Metal

i cant stop listing to this its so calming

any other good songs/bands?

it's not exactly my stuff... but I do like some...

the foreshadowing is great.

King Diamond

Oh nice the foreshadowing sounds good

Since i joined RTW my music folder grew almost 4GB This metal you guys introduced me is wicked awesome.

I never listened to metal before rtw well besides Nu metal but many hardcore metal heads dont consider Nu metal true metal

thanks for all the great music lol

Ya the Forshadowing is good, I like November's doom, and my dying bride too. Swallow the Sun is my favorite tho. <3

One of my Favorite songs. ( I showed you some stuff from them Sarge but listen to this one, it's amazing)

Also, if you're into Funeral Doom Metal look up Shape of Despair, Evoken, Mourning Dawn, Mourning Beloveth. These bands are really heavy, slow and sounds very depressing lol. Pure fucking doom metal.

Also, old doom ftw (best video ever rofl)

>Funeral Doom Metal


no ty

Sounds a bit like the "mainstream" metallica songs + a little System of a Down



Stoner Metal>Doom metal

Part 1/7, sweet. I like the fact that metal bands can make songs that are longer than 2-3minutes.

Drone doom bitches

Also some Evoken because they are amazing.


No mentions of the Godfathers of the genre yet? For shame!


yeah, I know. one week threadomancy. But seriously; a doom metal thread without sabbath? nowai

Needs more My Dying Bride. This stuff is just so beautiful.