Doom Metal Bands?

Does anybody know of any good doom metal bands?

If so can you post their names?

If you answer yes to all of these questions then do what I tell you!

Post the doom metal bands


(or even a link to a past page)

I quite like Tiamat and My Dying Bride

Thank you, I shall listen to them

Check out Cathedral.

There's Sleep: and Electric Wizard is pretty awesome: If you want some more like, ambient/experimental like, avant garde doom there's Tom Gabriel Fischers new band Triptykon:

bring me the horizon, killswitch engaged (especialy when howard was the vocalist), disturbed, and metalica.

Saint Vitus.


If you want doom, you want Isis dude! They are a magnificent  MUSICAL metal band.  My fave song is The Beginning is the End. The album Wavering Radiant is really cool. Saw athem four times, once with Tool! CAn't say enough about them.

Some other bands you might like are, Be'lakor, Opeth, Anathema can be doomy too. I highly recommend Gojira - Art of Dying and Esoteric Surgery.metal bliss.

it can't be doomy all the time, and for those times, check out Epica, Lacuna Coil, or Devin Townsend.

If you like clean voice, check out Katatonia - "Forsaker" "Day and then Shade"

Heathen are pretty good. I recommend their 1991 album "Victioms of Deception" and their latest album is good as well, but lacks dynamic range in the recording. If anyone here even knows what that is.

Yea I'm not sure those are doom metal bands dude.  At all.

Check out Mother of God, Wo Fat, Beastwars and Abrahma.  Bandcamp has heaps of doom metal bands:


Electric Wizard is good but they're more stoner doom. Get their albums Dope Throne and Come My Fanatics.


My personal favorite doom band is While Heaven Wept - While Heaven Wept "The Furthest Shore"


what do you mean? have you heard the lyrics from disturbed? they are so twisted....

BMTH (long-time fan. Have TIWTEOYSWMF on CD) and KSE are both Metalcore. Pre-TIAH,BMISI,TIAH,LKIAS BMTH is Deathcore. Disturbed is (in my opinion) is the paragon of straight-up Metal. They're not any subgenre, they're just in-your-fucking-face Metal. Good any day of the week. Metallica's older stuff (Black Album, MoP, RtL) is good, but certainly not doom metal. I'd consider them more... Hard Rock.

yeah... guess you guys didnt get the joke.... bmth is like middle schooler screamo, KSE is metalcore, however you could argue that their earlier stuff isnt, hence why i said when howard was the vocalist. disturbed is metal, but its fairly shitty, and metalica is hard rock....

its called sarcasm btw.

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I actually enjoy BMTH and Disturbed. KSE, not really. Metallica, not so much either. Periphery is dominating my ears right now though. So is Animals As Leaders and Dethklok.

you have to check out black pyramid these guys are the best and one of my favorites


Yes! I love Electric Wizard. I have a bunch of their stuff.