DOOM: Behind the Music

Not a musician at all but this talk is something for every DOOM fan or really anyone who is interested in how stuff is made. It also has some pretty funny easter eggs. Worth a watch.


This soundtrack was magnificent and I highly recommend listening to Mick talk about any of his projects. He’s insanely creative and they put together an amazing piece. I mean they managed to make an amazing metal album on top of a great soundtrack it’s a win win.


I don’t have the time to watch it all but is it about the music in the game adapting how you play and what is going on on the screen?

If so then that explains why in the album you don’t hear specific combinations of instruments that are playing when you play the game. I remember an arena fight where the music was so unreal but was nowhere to be found in the album or game rip (that specific combination didn’t exist).

That is addressed a little bit in the Q&A at the end, yes. But he wasn’t to involved in that process.

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The riff in BFG Division is disgusting. It’s what Meshuggah should sound like.

1+ and don’t forget rip and tear. When it starts playing in the hell levels. It’s like taking 3 energy drinks and a coffee before the fight.