Doom Audio Issue ... Help need for Window Noob

Hey Tek Peeps,

I have been a 100% linux user since just before the release of Windows Vista.

I have bought a decent machine that I dual boot Nix and Win10 and play non-console games as it have been a while. Most had no issues bar Win10 borking once.

Something weird is happening with my Doom audio. I have pair of bluetooth headphones sony MDR-zx750bn and while not top of the line they are service and NC. It should also be noted that I have not had any issue with them in other games like Rainbow 6, Fallout 4 etc.

It seem that any event in the game such as dying and re-loading from a check point or server loading new map on mutliplayer and the audio via headphone stops. I jump both by exiting the game and atl-tab and test the heads in conrtol panel and they work fine.

I have my PS4 headphone with a bluetooth dongle when I tried them the sound is choppy. Like 5 secs of sounds 3 secs of silence. In both cases the bluetooth antenna for normal headset and PS4 is no great than 30cm away in line of sight.

I am sure that there is a setting missing due to my Win-nooby-ness

I anyone else having this issue ?

Thanks in Advance

I'm guessing crashing drivers, and have recently found out that GPU driver can crash audio driver. Which sucks as its a bit hit or miss if games explode from replugging USB cord as its losing that device.

Would you mind listing all of those audio devices because think it would be good idea to hunt some drivers.

Sure Thing,

At the moment,

Running NV driver 365.19 the bluetooth is current Win driver 10.0.10586.306.

All audio device are hdmi sound to my monitor, and bluetooth headset. I only plug my ps4 headphones when I started having issues, it is now removed from my audio setup.

happy to supply any more info

Think that bluetooth is USB dongle so in use its overriding HDMI, right?

Can you link that bluetooth thing?

I only plugged dongle in once, and have since reboot system a number of times.

Having a bit problem figuring out your setup as I have no experience with Windows bluetooth.

Well anyways I did search how that bluetooth thing works and it seems that everyone is using same chipset and they all work with same generic driver. So think only thing you can do is test different Nvidia driver, or just use cord if its that games problem.

I had similar problem with my Scarlett 2i4 interface but I managed to solve it by installing secret beta drivers from here AMD drivers did just change the rate its crashing.. Q_Q

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thanks Nurmi

I will have a look at it

Not sure what GPU is but I had sound cutting out on the menu and some choppiness in game and fixed it by going one driver revision back froom the latest .19 revision. 980 ti so that's nVidia drivers of course.

...but of course now I'm now getting more random crashes to desktop.

ok I Wil give it a shot thx