Doom 3: BFG Edition Framerate

So, I just got BFG Edition and it runs like a bucket of ballsacks. I get anywhere from 12-25 FPS. Changing the settings doesn't help at all. On max, it runs the same, on Low it runs the same. I can run RAGE at 60FPS, and Doom 3 Ultra with Wulfen+Sikkmod 1.2 at 60FPS, what they fuck is the problem? Is it a driver thing, like with Rage's launch?

Oh god that sucks to hear.  Was looking forward to grabbing this.  The problem here is "consoles" and "Porting".  So yeah it's a driver thing, pretty much everything, CPU/GPU/Memory Optimizations.

It's a real pitty that developers release Alpha/Beta standard games these days.  Stick it out there all half-arse an shit just patch it up later.  But don't worry it'll be playable around this time next year.

What GPU are you on and which drivers are you using.

Deus EX HR was pretty crap for like a year until the devs released a patch to optimize performance.

So I hope it's nothing like that.

As for Rage I started a new game but when I saw them crappy low res textures popping in everywhere I just didn't play it, couldn't be bothered tweaking ini files and all that.