Doom 2016 opinions

Doom 2016 feels like love with a glove. No feel.

havent played yet(not gonna for a long time lols)

feel like brutal doom is to me atleast obviously more like doom/doom2 and in general just reks doom 2016.

not sure about the feel and the difficulty looks might be eh, but id have to play it i guess, with the whole guranteed health when you kill things/if you melee you seem to get more etc

and the whole philosophy of health regeneration, of over time after a delay of not taking damage, or health packs, versus this setup where you get it like life steal basically

versus how the damage/time whatever works, in that in duke nukem forever on the hardest difficulty you can literally just get killed in a single hit during multiple of the boss fights, or if you get the pigcop uppercut combo while your health is slightly lowered/or you dont have high ego whatever, to the effect that.. what use is health regenerating after a couple seconds of not taking damage over a couple more seconds, if you can die instantly, or constantly take damage.

where the older duke 3d, doom whatever, was sort of you got nickel and dimed over a period of time and eventually had to do an engagement when your health was too low for you to possibly win, other than explosions some bosses etc..

so.. id say looks the did good job with the engine/optimization the graphics in general the level design seems pretty decent where its obviously very foricbly linear most of the time but in a way that they seem 'open' the amount of time in the areas etc.. least from what ive seen in videos.

but the gameplay i feel i cant decide until i've played it to assess if the videos are just people not playing it on high enough difficulty(havent bothered to look up vids just seen when people do benchmarks etc)

tldr: i can wait til its like 10$

My opinion is that its far too easy.

You will die plenty enough, but it's usually because you ran into an obstacle while strafing and got blown up by the enemy you were avoiding.

I played on the highest difficulty and it never felt meaningfully challenging. Which is a shame. It honestly makes it hard for me to recommend it, since regardless of how well made it is, it never feels rewarding or intense.

Edit: But I'd pick it up at $10 no prob, tho.

I agree the last level of doom 2 was much harder. I don't mean any secret levels either.

I agree that it is not that hard...But not dead easy either...And everything is so well designed to have fun and keep everything fast....It really did give me similar enjoyment to the original doom that i played when i was a kid...

Actually for me this makes the game much more intense...You get stuff only if you do a finisher and it basically forces you to be aggressive all the time...When you are in a corner the best option you have is to go YOLO on the enemies...If you try to hide you are pretty much dead...For me this is part of why the game is so enjoyable...

I personally loved it and i think it deserves the full price easily...

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I like it. At the highest difficulty I found it pretty challenging and entertaining.

DOOM was fun entertainment for a few weeks, worth the money.

The greatest thing about DOOM is that id is committed to keep improving it. They keep making changes and free DLC and new game modes and trying to get multiplayer to be popular. DOOM MP ain't bad now.

Yuck!. Doom multiplayer.

I didn't say I play it. I just wont laugh at people that like Doom MP anymore.

I've really been enjoying it. Put 18 hours in over the past two weeks. Takes a bit of getting into how the mechanics work, but after that it's been pretty great.

For the $20 I payed for it I think its a steal. I like the multiplayer. Its kinda casual, but its fun. Haven't played enough of the campaign to say if I like it or not, but it seems good so far.

Ive had a lot of fun with it. It brought a lot of my friends into it, and i enjoyed the hell out of it.

personally 60 bucks is kind of high to pay for that for me, i picked it up for 20 bucks during the winter sale, and id pay that again. I just wish snapmap had some cooler stuff made with its all it brought to the table

felt a little easy on my first playthrough, but ive been playing fps games for the past ten years, so ill give them that.

overall i feel that the game is solid, and its worth picking up for newbies to get into the series

Love it, but the download size is way too big for how much time I spent with it.

Pretty much beat the campaign and then never really messed with much else.

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66 gigabytes for around 16 hours is absolutely nuts.

I'm starting to think comcast started paying game developers to add an extra 20GB of shit to there game for no other purpose but to get people closer to using up Comcast's new datacaps...

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yeah but if you use the same playstyle in say doom 2, you get no health so its more dangerous, if its where you can get killed almost instantly and you just try to rush in and steamroll everything you just have to kill them all before you take that little bit of damage, where doom seems to give significantly more player health and you get the little bits of health from killing guys.

basically.. in the older ones you have to earn that play style and its not the easiest way, where in doom '16 thats the optimal play style.

ex. like the tactical shooter stuff, like the really old rainbow six' where its basically a one shot kill you can go fast in alot of the scenarios/engagements but you have to hit them first every time you have to be fast and accurate so usually people play alot slower and its all about vision and being pointed the right direction when you enter a room or whatever that if you try to steamroll everything you either die alot, get lucky or are an aimbot

I got bored with it after two hours. Save some money get brutal Doom.