Don't Support Orion Developers

Plagiarism, maltreatment of its employees, and general assholes to consumers in social media.

More of the their antics at this reddit page.

How am I supposed to be sorry for a thief?
Steam and Activision did what had to be done, end of the story.

Activision overreacted and no the guns do not look much the same in a way that they should be removed. Also complaining about the gun noise. Please give me a freaking break. Anyway as for what the developer/owner does wrong well yes he needs to handle PR better that is for sure. He has struggled with that for years. Still though I like their games and don't mind throwing them some money once in awhile.

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Paradoxically, that's the same reasons I wouldn't support Activision.

Well it is now starting to get a little more ugly with the game and it has nothing to do with Activision causing trouble. The developers complained about Activision's greed to make money and now the money grabs both present and future are starting to pile up for this game. Thing is though there is Star Citizen that did a load of it and they haven't delivered much yet so I guess it is all fair game in the video game wars. Anyway ...

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Activison is in the right here.
Like how Bobby Kotic was right about Tim Shafer being bad at money, time management, and feature creep.


I like to think of it as them doing the right thing in the way that Jaime Lannister stabbed the Mad King in the back. He did the right thing but that doesn't mean he isn't still an evil bastard.

If the photo's are legit this is a copyright issue. They are too similar to be different. the indentions are almost exact same spot. Just because you change the color doesn't make them different.

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Yea they played the victim card "Oh look the big guys are shutting down the little one" it's pretty clear these are ripped renderings. Don't have much respect for either company but Activision is in the right here.

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I wouldn't say Activision is in the right, but Orion is certainly in the wrong