Don't make the INBOX.EXE thread a 'junk thread'

This post refers to the relatively new inbox.exe thread and the amount of users that are just posting whatever they want here.

I am in no way saying not to post things, but the various sub-forums exist for a reason. If you have a question about a motherboard, post it in the motherboard thread. A question about code or programming? Stick it in the Code/Hacking thread (or whatever its called).

Maybe we need to get some mods on board or something, but lately ive seen people just posting everything here because they cant be bothered to find the right sub-forum. Not only does that make it difficult for people to give you help, but also clogs up this thread.

In my opinion, this thread should be pretty uch reserved for stuff that only Logan and Wendel can answer (personal or hardware based). This stuff should be specific and not just 'i need help choosing a CPU, or how do i do this? The community is friendly and knowledgeable and will answer your questions faster and to a higher level than Logan and Wendel can do in the inbox.exe video.

Let me know what you all think :)

Agreed, I can watch the inbox.exe and redirect people's questions, since Im on around 12-17 hours a day spanning from 7amto 2am az time

Cant make any promises on always being there, but I can help link people to where their questions should go, since I am not a mod, and they need to figure out where to post their questions themselves

But how else will I get people to see my anonymous user name on the video to become e-famous to myself for 10 seconds?


edit: And spread corgi love

lol  Already got mine in the interview with J.J.  :P

Just ask questions for wendel, logan, or pistol. Questions like

770 vs 760 vs 7950 vs 7870 are for gpu

how do I start bitcoin in bitcoin

which mac to buy (lol, none) in mac

whats a good quick recipe with eggs and bacon in cooking

simple stuff like that doesnt need to be answered by Logan, its a waste of their time, unless only they can answer it. 

I have been moving a few of the threads in the INBOX.EXE to other categories, just because there's absolutely no point in them being answered by Logan and Wendell over forum members. I haven't moved very many because I know Logan does like to answer most types of questions. I think it's time for another sort-out now.