Dont know what size mother board to get

I need a new mother board but i don't know what size to get for my pc it is and older 2009 lenovo k300 i would like to keep this case. I just have no idea what kind of a mother board size i can put in it i don't care if it is amd or intel i just need to know the size.

judging from pics online, by the size of the motherboard, and mounting screw pattern it looks like micro atx. Can you upload a pic for us to be sure please? You can upload to imgur and paste the pic here in a comment.

You can download speccy and it should tell you what motherboard it is.

Count the slots on the back of the case below the audio ports. If it has 4 or 5 slots, it's micro ATX. If it has 1 or 2, it's mini ITX. 6 to 8 slots for regular ATX.

its micro ATX allmost 100% sure, so that would be intel then if you want the best performance.

Budget? for the upgrade, i suppose you want a new mobo + cpu + gpu + ram + psu

i just need a new mobo and a cpu i just ordered a gpu ram and a psu