Don't know too much about GPU's, need advice please

Hey everyone,


I just bought a new computer off my friend, and it seems to have gotten damaged during the shipping and I have to buy a new graphics card. Well I don't know what to buy, I only want to play games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends on it. I am looking for somewhere between the 200-300 FPS range for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at all lowest settings and 1024x768 resolution. I am willing to spend a maximum of 200 dollars on a new GPU since I don't have much money right now. I have been looking at a few GPU's for around that price range and found some that I thought were worth buying, but wanted to make sure first with people that are more experienced in this. I'll just list the one's I thought were decent for their prices: HD 7770, HD 7950, R9 270, HD 7850, and HD 7870. The only reason I have listed a lot of remade ones is because if I can buy something for 50 bucks cheaper but it still runs virtually the same then I would much rather buy that, especially if it's only like a -10 FPS difference in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. My CPU is pretty trash (Phenom II X4 925) with 2.8 GHz, I will probably upgrade it later, but since I'm only using my onboard graphics I felt that getting a GPU was a more pressing matter. My PSU is 750 watts, so any of the listed cards should be fine power wise. If you guys need any more information or specs about my computer in order to help me out just ask away and I will provide them for you

200 fps lolz, you will only see 60 unless you get a 120hz monitor and then you will see 120 (up to)

But I would get a GTX750 or an R7 260.


P.S you should sell your power supply and buy a new 430w one (80+) and CPU.

Oh yeah and with those two card you could max out those games at that resolution and still have 60+ fps, you could even get a 1080p and turn down one slider and still get 60+

Why does everyone have the notion that hertz is in sync with FPS, do your research first please, I'm tired of explaining the FPS and hertz thing to everyone. hertz is how fast your monitor refreshes, and the FPS is how fast your computer builds the frames. Regardless though, thank you for the help with what cards would be good, I appreciate it.

Its not that hertz are in sync with FPS is that the frames being drawn must be synced with the refresh rate of the monitor which in turn becomes smoothness. Most likely you would want the games to appear more smooth unless you like to look at tearing images on the screen. If you had a G-Sync/FreeSync capable monitor the refresh rate or FPS would not even matter, unless you fell well below 20 to 40 FPS and refresh cycles.

I have an R9 270 that I'm looking to sell, which would solve that GPU issue right away. It is essentially a Radeon HD 7870.