Don't Know How To Fix This?

Hello everyone. Today I have a fatal problem that I don't think anyone can fix but I need to try everything. i run win 7 64bit

I have just installed a new CPU fan(Alpine 64 PRO rev2) and before so my PC was working perfectly. After installing the fan I keep on getting a BSOD after the screen shows starting windows. the stop code goes along the lines of 0x0's 10d and then a bracket with other similar codes. what interested me was the file that I believe BSOD was trying to tell me was the problem. rzfilter.sys.

Looking into this file people on the internet have been coming up with a BSOD that states this file but in these instances they have been able to boot up windows correctly. i have found that this file is related to the razer comms program that i use however i don't know how to fix this.

I don't want to reinstall windows as I am a youtuber and I have lots of important things such as intros recordings never mind my steam collection and various editing programs.

I have tried using my install disks startup repair tool and it says it cant fix automatically so i tried a fix that people suggest in the command prompt. using the bootrec.exe. I have ran chkdsk and it says there are no problems so what can it be.

i need help as soon as possible i am supposed to be recording but i can't access my PC. is there a way to use the command prompt or a usb copy of ubuntu to move my important files onto a external hard drive and reinstall windows from there or am I seriously screwed.


Check the Fan on the CPU cooler is connected correctly to the CPU Fan Connecter.

it doesn't matter i used a usb linux install and used it to move all my important stuff to another harddrive so im fine. panic attack over