Dont buy cyber snipa!

ok, so i got a pair of there 5.1 suround sound headphones, they sound nice and they are comfortable.... the mic was all staticy (witch wasnt that big of a problem...) anyway, after a month the speakrs began to crackle and were just static... i sent them back and now i have had my 2nd pair about a month... same thing...... and this isnt just a light crackly... like the only thing you can hear is static and no mater what volume its at the static will play as loud as possible..... i can hear it 1/2 way across my house when it happens.....

Logan owns Cyber Snipa 5.1s, works fine for him. Ever check a different pair of headphones, or see if it's the drivers/hardware/port that's the problem and not the Cyber Snipa's fault?

what sound card do you have? update drivers on it, too. Companies don't just fuck up twice with speakers, now if the voice quality/sound quality sucked, that's a different story but this I've never heard of. Are you speaking of the sonar headset? All i've heard from that headset was good. Great sound quality, great mic quality, great everything.

My cyber snipas lasted about 2-3 months before breaking. surround sound does not belong in headphones, you should just get a good pair of stereo headphones.

wow, maybe he isn't juts unlucky. I agree with you though, surround sound headsets just sound like they wouldn't work. I have some sick ibanez headphones, and if they had a mic i'd be set lol, they're just stereo but big stereo headsets are more than enough.

my set works fine, except the mic is shit and completely worthless. speakers... no problem tho.

i also own the stinger mouse, which kicks major ass all around. def get one of those if you can find one.

im not sure if there is anythings wrong with the cyber snipa ones in particular. you cant really say you know that kind of thing because of three bad experiences... but i kinda suspect that surround sound headphones in general, arent quite as durable.