"Don't be evil"

Google's corporate motto, "don't be evil." They seem very interested in where I am.

Agree or disagree?

Would you ever want to see this message again?

you end up with a motto like that unless you know that your organisation will naturally tend toward evil...

Just because they are gathering location data doesn't necessarily mean they're doing anything evil with it. It's an inherent problem with a lot of technology these days. In order for some really cool really useful applications or hardware to work it requires data. Wan't directions on a map application? It needs to know where you are. Want a music application to have a radio station that plays music you like? It needs to know your taste in music. Just because we let these programs use our data doesn't mean the companies behind them will do anything nefarious with it. However that doesn't change the fact that if they want to, they could.

So are you using the argument: "if I am not doing anything wrong, why should I care?"


In a world were everything has a price tag, do you really want someone to know where you are at all times? How much anonymity do we have online? How secretive are you on the internet? In fact, why don't we all 'walk on egg shells' all day long in fear of someone watching.

I'm not using that argument at all. i'm saying that if you want to use a program or device that needs to collect user data in order to function properly then thats your choice. You don't have to use a cell phone if you're worried about it collecting location data on you. You don't have to run a program that remembers what music you like if it bothers you. You do these things because its convenient and helpful.

If you really care or it really bothers you then do something about it. Don't piss and moan when google asks you for location data. Even in the picture you provided it gives you the option to not share any of that data. Find another solution or figure out an alternative. Don't whine and cry about it like a child.

I am not whining about it. I am asking questions.

I grew up with a single father and he used to ask me quite often, "What does crying get you?" To which I would reply, "Nothing." It took me a long time to understand what he meant by that and apply it to my life.

Idk it sounds a lot more like collecting as in an collection of books a collection of cars, than using the information to fulfill the service and no more... Even when no APps are running..


Is the sim card in your phone registered in your name?

Did you buy the phone with a credit card or is it on a post plan?

If you answered yes, then the powers that be have a digital trail on you and have probably been monitoring your activities since you turned on your phone lol.

Don't worry though because you're not alone - 99.89% of people have a digital trail the size of Mt Everest.


Bit of a dying art these days - anonymity I mean.



Ok well to specifically answer you questions: Yes I would like to see the message that was in your picture. I'd rather them give me the option of whether or not they can collect my data rather than them just... you know.. doing it. I also agree that they do seem very interested in where you are but that is probably something that helps all your programs on your phone work better and more accurately.


Obviously, it seems the odds are against us - I am speaking of humanity.

I ask myself and others quite often, "why are you interested in tracking me? Why would one want to know that I bought gas at ARCO as apposed to Costco, Texaco, Mobil, etc. Am I to believe that this is all for 'product placement?' If that is all that my data is used for, so be it. Is making informed decisions wrong?

The way I see it, after answering this dialogue, Google wouldn't not be required to ask for my location if I were to check the box that 'stops the annoying popups' or the box that 'makes you leave me alone.'

Now this is of course all speculation, but I enjoy sharing dialogue on these topics.

Get rid of your phone then Google and anyone else will no longer be able to snoop on you. But until that day, quit complaining about it

Well Google also first and foremost is a business. They are specifically a business that specializes in advertising (Google Adsense). They make a lot of money off data that is relevant to advertisers and businesses. Where people buy things, what they buy, etc. You could construe this fact as them being evil and I'm sure some people do. However as I understand this is where they get most of their money. If it wasn't for them using this data to make money things like Google Fiber and a;; the interesting projects they work on wouldn't be a thing.

You gotta take the good with the bad. Banging the NSA drum at Googles behest isn't the way to go about it. The problems with the NSA go much deeper and well beyond Google or anyone else trying to receive a few data metrics on you.

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