Donnie Darko

No spoilers but be advised, don't click any links!

I had no idea for a test thread so I thought talking about this amazing movie would be a start.

I haven't watched the director's cut version yet (soon).

I've recently rewatched it after almost 8 or so years and still haven't gotten most of it. The story is explained by the director himself, and there's sites like this one here that are helpful in deciphering it:

I for one love the movie for the great 80s atmosphere and the complicated plot that makes you think.

It's also the movie that introduced me to Tears for Fears when I was 11.


It's the shitty version.

And please, avoid the sequel, LOL.

Why is the directors cut the shitty version?

From what I've gathered from imdb comments the director's cut version explains some bits and adds more sci-fi feel to it. I'm still curious and I'm not the kind of person that thinks their experience from a movie or anything else for that matter is spoiled if I see something worse after the original.

please explain why?? i didn't know about director cut version know i want to know