Done being a console peasant! $850-$900 USD

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.

Minecraft, CS.

What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?


When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.


What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (Tower/OS/monitor/keyboard/mouse/etc)

Monitor, keyboard and mouse, and OS

Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?

No Microcenter.

If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.


Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?

Not interested.

Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)

WiFi card

Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-tower/full-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?

No preference.

Do you need a copy of Windows 7 or 8.1 included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference for one or the other?

Yes, Windows 8.1 please


I just copied my post from PcPartPicker, I hope thats alright. Its just dead over there.

Buy a console and stay with it, you will enjoy PC for 5 minutes then return back to it after all the ignorant virgins get on your wick.

The budget was just shy of what I wanted to configure. It is above $900 before rebates.

Had a stab at it. Didn't include a keyboard or a mouse, nor a wifi card. Those can be found cheap. I did include the OS and a monitor.

I went with an Intel processor, as I believe Minecraft runs on a single core(?). I would have preferred to include the i5-4690. However, I didn't want to compromise on the GPU, which is a nice mid-range card. The 270x can play most games on ultra presets 1080p.

I'll knock up another configuration in a mo, if someone else doesn't contribute.


Nice blue themed build here for 890$

don't know what your favorite color is, but my personal is red, my friend has a build very similar pc to this and it plays everything on high to Ultra no problem.I did this all on a tablet which if you don't know pcpartpicker is terrible on a tablet. Also the case is really good for the money.