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Donate some of your CPU with my universal Coinhive


Hey guys I made a Coinhive if anyone wants to donate some CPU power <3

[Temporarily removed]

the web page doesn’t look to pleasing to the eye but it works =)

I think @Levelonetechs should implement a Coinhive, I would gladly mine an hour per day to keep you guys running strong! @wendell



on the risk of flagging this as spam, I don’t know of anyone on this forum that is going to be willing to just ‘donate’ some CPU power, but good luck dude.


I put it up yesterday so maybe DNS just hasn’t caught up to you? some times it can take up to 36 Hours

make sure you paste this link into your browser bc my website isent recognized by dns unless theres the “www.” infront


Go to Best Buy every morning and minimize a browser window on all the display machines


lol thats geinus but my name is in the URL i dont want to get in trouble XD


Yeah, you’d probably want some anonymous hosting…

Did you copy/paste the code from somewhere? If you’re going to post this here, I think you should walk us through how it works so we can all start converting Best Buy’s electricity into Monero.


yes i used a script provided by

Im also using a free web hosting service with this BC/ the script doesn’t use bandwidth for anything other than the initial load up.

and for my site i just threw it into the body of my HTML page probably the simplest page you can make for this

<style> </style>

<h3 style="text-align: center; border: 3px solid green;">
Hello, Thanks for using my browser miner we are mining Monero (XMR) please use 2-4 
threads @ 90%-100%

<script src="" async></script>

<div class="coinhive-miner"
style="width: 256px; height: 310px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"


if you use this, you have to sign up with coin hive and use your own key in the script to profit for your self , but if you want to spread my script and mine for me thats cool too <3


please don’t use <center></center> as this is a depricated HTML4 commands.

Use CSS please.

.center { text-align: center; }


Sorry haven’t wrote any html since February. just pushed out what i remebered :confused:
ill fix it when i make the page look better


hey do you happen to be using a VPN, I was able to recreate this situation while using PIA VPN. also fix it buy turning the vpn off.


No problem.


Is the money generated donated or do you just identify as a rich person in a poor person’s body?


makes you think


No its not donated, you can make a coin hive and donate to profits!

And as a poor kid from Detroit, I have grown up to be just under the middle class, so no I am neither poor nor rich <3


i have edited the script to used
style= "margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"
because the text alight wasent working on the scripts iframe.

is this acceptable?



Just trying to encourage best practices.