Domain redirecting

Just posting this here since it seems to get the most traffic recently. Here is my dilemma:

I have a domain registered on namecheap, and want it to point to a subdomain on another host. My issue though is I can not seem to have it direct the way I want. I understand URL Redirect being that if the user types in, they are then redirected to There then is URL Frame which will show, however if they click on a link, they are still going to see instead of I looked on HostGator and while I find the NameServer without a hitch, I can only find the main 2.


if you have access to apache, you can use mod_rewrite to do that...

if you dont have access to apache, you should get a vps and just point your domain name at the vps's ip. its much nicer.

I'd recommend this tutorial, using Ettercap:

So basically not possible unless I pay for another hosting service from what I gather?

imo you shouldnt "pay" for hosting unless you have access to everything you need access to. it might cost a bit more, buy get a domain name (10 bucks a year) and a cheap vps (~5 bucks a month). you can host anything you want, and you have access to the os that is hosting everything. best part is, you will also be able to point your domain at a bunch of stuff.

you want a mail server that uses your domain name? easy, set up dovecot and postgress, make an a-name called mail that points to your vps. set up gmail to listen to the pop3 from your server, and use imap to send mail. now you can send and receive [email protected] emails though gmail. and you dont have some stupid cap where you only get 3 email acocunts per host account. you could have 10000 if you wanted.

want to host a server? put it on the vps.

want to host files from your home pc and have a domain name for that? a-name home to your home ip address. now points at your vps and points at your home pc.


also, its a great way to learn linux, which can lead to some high paying jobs in the tech field. putting that you run your own server, and you sysadmin it yourself, and that your compitant in linux is like a +20 points on any tech resume.