DOM0 Distro Question/Possible Project thread

Looking to incorporate more VM goodness into my home/smb network. I’m looking for a distro to replace Arch as DOM0 on my fun server. The goal is headless operation of DOM0 but I’d like it to be fairly minimal but handle disks and docker and qemu/kvm etc.

Stability is paramount for DOM0. I want as little interaction outside of setup as possible. I’m open to free and paid options so long as they’re still Linux based. I have a decent amount of unraid experience as I’ve deployed dozens over the last 2 years but it does a lot more than I need/want it to do. The GUI is nice but unnecessary for my use case and from what I can see that’s the main selling point. That being said if it’s the most “stable” option I don’t mind picking up a license.

I’m not a file system or raid snob so suggestions for maximum performance/reliability are welcome. Even at the cost of up to 50% capacity.

AMD Threadripper 1950x
Asrock x399 Taichi
64gb DDR4 3200 
10x 3tb HGST ultrastar 7200RPM
2x 512gb Samsung 970 Pro NVME SSD
Asus Vega 64 Strix
Nvidia 970 FE
10gb dual port intel nic that I forget the model of but supports sr-iov

This is likely going to become my personal workstation at home. The plan is to have DOM0 handle networking, qemu, and disks and shares and a working docker instance for plex and sabnzb for my coughs linux ISO downloads would be the cherry on top. Vega GPU goes to linux VM which will be my main workstation and the 970 gets passed into windows for looking glass experimentation/playing destiny 2 until they unban my main and I can play it on Linux again lol. The Windows VM will literally be used only for games and looking glass. So the fewer resources I can give it without just bogging games down the better.

Suggestions and just general ideas are welcome! Some cool new home automation software come out? Please let me know!

Also if there’s something specific anyone wants to know about the hardware or my experiences with it feel free to ask. I’m also open to testing stuff on it for people. Now I have a dedicated work PC so I can go back to having fun on my beefy machine.

Oh I should mention I only really have time to mess with this over the holidays. So if updates are slow from me know that it’s still in the works! It’s my new years resolution from last year.