DOM redraw problem in FireFox

Heya folks!

I have the most aggrivating problem with Firefox at the moment, usually I'm all Mozilla (except when I develop, I love the webkit debugger and webdeveloper tools) but right now I just can't get past a annoying bug? that is pestering with my fantastic browser based desktop environment.

The problem is that when I change position and size of a div element firefox just won't get in the groove and redraw the dom correctly, but leaves out essential parts that is crucial for a good presentation, I've tried to write methods that are supposed to redraw the whole DOM tree but without any success. So now I bring this heartthrashing problem here to all the awesome folks at the tek, maybe you can give me a hand in this, all help is appreciated to the max!

You can watch a in-dev version of the project over at the desktop environment works great in chrome though, haven't had the guts to test it in IE, but I won't put any sweat on making it compatable with such a beast anyways hehe. ;)

Anyways as said, all tips are appreciated to the max! Keep it metal!

Hmm, moving/resizing seems to work ok in ff4-12.. the window button in the taskbar wasnt showing up in 4 though
..oh, I minimised/restored the window in ff12 and it only redrew the bottom half of it, and maximising/restoring also has a weird rendering bug

so it seems to be having issues rendering the final frame of the animation, removing the position:fixed from #wtdesk got the rendering working properly.. but there were obviously a few layout issues to fix instead.. I'd almost just use js to absolutely position everything anyway, that way you can make it fix the browser window which seems more appropriate for this kind of thingĀ 

Yes! Changing to relative positioning seems to have solved the problem perfectly! Man thanks a lot, problems like these always put me on the edge hehe :)

Yeah.. such a pain when you just get everything working in chrome and test in another browser and discover some annoying bug, especially annoying in ff because its usually pretty fast and lays things out well but when there is an issue its some weird rendering quirk or something. ie is just consistantly shit so it doesnt seem so bad when something goes wrong :-/

hehe yeah, I'm happy if I get things working in FF and Chrome, would be a plus to get it running in Opera and Safari as well, but IE is just a can of wasps, I guess I will try to make it work in IE along the road, but just looking at the event model makes it a bloody headache. FF usually works as I want it to, but when it doesn't it's rather hard to figure out, just a couple of months ago I got into one of them problems when I wrote a Rich Text Editor, it just didn't want to make that darn iframe editable, ended up with me needing to write a special onload event listener so that FF catched up before I initiated the editible document whilst in Chrome thing pretty much just went about it's buisness without to much of a hustle! Anyway, thanks a lot for the help on this one!