Dolphin.exe stopped working?

I recently aquired the Dolphin Emu Software and when i try to launch Rogue Squadron III i can get to this screen but after i start the game with the play button this happens Please Help

p.s. If this means anything in the dolphin launcher the game does not show up so i browse my downloads to look for it to launch it.

Im gonna test this and see but it is most likely a compatibility issue as Dolphin does not work with all wii and game cube games yet. Also what are your pc specs?

CPU: FX-8350


GPU: R9 270X

hey sorry its been a while. i haven't had much time on my hands lately but if you could drop me a link to the iso you are using as i am having a little issue finding one from a legit place.

ok found one that works fully but the emulator does not support it fully, yet, i cant tell you when / if it will ever be playable on dolphin. if you are that desperate to play it then i suggest getting  gamecube you can still find allot of games out there for them.