Dolphin Emulator Settings for FX-8350 and GTX 570?

I recently downloaded the Dolphin GameCube/ Wii emulator.  I have been trying to play GameCube games on it but cant seem to get a playable FPS no matter what settings I try, plus the sound keeps lagging and skipping.  I have an AMD FX-8350 OC'd to 4.52GHz and a Nvidia GTX 570.

Any suggestions?

could be your graphics card is bottlenecking your cpu


Sadly its the opposite way around Dolphin can not use more than two cores.

umm is it the emulator itself? do you know someone that has it with a similar set up to u?

Make sure you experiment with the Internal res, AA + AF. Double check you're running it with "Enable Dual Core" on the config tab.

Make sure your backend is set to OpenGL instead of DirectX. It increased my frames by a lot so it might work for you.

Any chance of them updating it in the future for Quad Cores or higher?