DOJ may Block Comcast Merger

It looks like the DOJ may sue to block the Comcast Merger:

Staff attorneys at the Justice Department’s antitrust division are nearing a recommendation to block Comcast Corp.’s bid to buy Time Warner Cable Inc., according to people familiar with the matter. Attorneys who are investigating Comcast’s $45.2 billion proposal to create a nationwide cable giant are leaning against the merger out of concerns that consumers would be harmed and could submit their review as soon as next week, said the people.


I think this is definitely good news for internet service going forward.

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We can only hope!

Antitrust Lawyers Said to be Leaning Against Comcast Merger

Fingers crossed.

Hopefully they will go through with this....

It looks like the reports were correct:

Comcast is calling off its multi-billion dollar attempt to buy fellow cable provider Time Warner Cable, according to Bloomberg.


dont count out comcast and timewarner yet. they have the best paid lawyers on their side. not to mention whatever lobbying force they have in congress

I think I read a Verge article about this saying Comcast can't answer the only question that matters and that is how it benefits consumers.

Of course they can't, because it doesn't lol.

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