Doing some upgrades. More specifically to my motherboard/CPU

I normally just like to watch Tek Syndicate for the information and such, but I've come around to upgrading as I feel it's time to step my PC up a little more.

I recently bought an EVGA GTX 980Ti upgrading from an R9 280x. I loved my 280x and performed very well for me. I am currently running a AMD FX-6300 CPU on an Asrock board which have also offered me no issues. I am planning to upgrade to the Intel i7 4790k and my reason for coming to the forums was to ask for advice on a motherboard and case. Things I am considering are the Asus Z97-A Board and the MSI Gaming 5. As far as cases go the Phantom 410 and 530 look to be good candidates that I am likely to go with.
Budget is about $350

Important to note that I don't do much AAA titles so this build may be based around some gaming and some music production. Thanks in advance for any help.

Just a couple of questions:

  1. Does color coordination matter?
  2. How important is overclockablilty?
  3. You mentioned music production. Is good onboard audio important?
  1. I was looking to build for white and blue, but performance over aesthetics is my general rule.

  2. I am looking to overclock but I am not looking to watercool any time soon. Whatever could handle the best overclock on air would be nice.

  3. Onboard audio quality is a nice up, but definitely not a deal breaker.

Msi Z97 Gaming 5 is a sollid board.
Gaming 7 is slightly nicer but a bit more expensive aswell.

About a case, well that realy depends on personal taste.
NZXT, Fractal design, Phanteks, Corsair have some very decent nice cases.