Doing a build on 850$ budget first pc help

I want to build a pc for under 850$, I have a parts list I am looking mostly for a confirmation that I have everything I need and they work together, also if you have a suggestion for better parts that is welcome, pc is for gaming mainly

already have a monitor keyboard mouse hard drive and disk drive, is that psu enough? is mobo good? also currious how to ground myself when putting it together? do i just hold the side of the case?

Everything looks great except that you may what to upgrade your psu to maybe a 750 watt or 800 watt since the fx 8350 is 125 watts and the gpu is a 500 watt card. would this work?

Nice build. The psu and mobo are fine. As for keeping yourself grounded, you can get an antistatic bracelet for about $5. Or if you don't want to buy one, just touch the side of the case every so often

Yes it works

You can also overclock just a little bit 

I recommend getting Windows 7 Home Premium just because it has better optimization for gaming. Good build though.

I plugged your build into and found a better deal on the 212 EVO and the case.

It doesn't include the combo deal, however.


For putting it together, just don't have anything that buids static, like carpet or fluffy coats. You don't really need to hold onto the case all the time, just touch it before handling the mobo or CPU. Aslo be sure you have *plenty* of space to work on. Also wash your hands (and dry them!) to reduce the amount of oil that gets on the parts.

You don't add the TDP of the parts. For the parts you listed, I'd say get at least a 500W PSU. BUT WAIT. You can do better for $850! You said you already have a drive and monitor. Does that mean you already have a separate PC? If so, if that PC has a Windows 7 64-bit sticker on it, then you can use the product key on that to activate a copy of the same Windows' version( you can either download it from legal sites or pirate it). I will post multiple builds based on the situation, on builds where I didn't add an OS, I'll put an asterisk. 

* ( You don't need an aftermarket CPU cooler unless you plan on overclocking. Do this if you don't want to overclock and/ or can't do rebates)

* ( Do this if you can do the rebates and/or want to OC) ( Do this if you can do the rebates and/or want to overclock and/or really need to buy an OS) ( Do this if you can't do the rebates and/or don't need to OC and/or really need to buy an OS)

There. If you want the 7970, I suggest looking for that Windows 7 64-bit sticker( it's usually on the case. It has the product key on it. If you do this, it shouldn't affect the computer where you took it from. Also, be sure it is a 64-bit version of Windows. If it's only 32-bit, you need to buy the 64-bit version). If you find it, and it is 64-bit, just torrent a Windows 7( or 8, depending on what you have) 64-bit OS, but be sure to download the version that is listed on the sticker( if the sticker says " Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, then download Home Premium). Somewhere in the installation it should ask for the key( as long as it's not a cracked version), or if it isn't in the installation procedure, just enter it when you have installed it. If you're not familiar with torrenting and/or don't want to risk it, just search Google for a legal downloading site.

@ghetto- 8 actually gets better FPS on most games compared to 7.

i do have a computer currently, its a vista 32 bit from i think 06 or 07 so yeah i need the os