Dogecoin is the future?

Ugh, I hate this whole Dogecoin hype thing. It has no future. It does not fill a niche like Litecoin or Bitcoin. Once the hype dies down it will fail. Would you really use a fucking meme-based currency as a medium of exchange? lol.

This post is not directed at you of course, I'm just ranting.

No, no it is not.

i think the price for them is rapidly going down... so probably not

I say they're not the future, while I have my laptop mining them right next to me (1.28 khash/s 4 dayyyzz)

those who really doubt it should check this out

"I have a feeling!"

Does not make me want to believe in this currency.

Living in the glory or Bitcoin and other crypto coins. Riding the wave of a meme. It will crash harder than any crypto coin before.

the future? sure, why not. there is plenty of room for alts. many many alts. when the whole system is a joke, why not make fun of it? if you're a pump and dump kind of dude, playing the market for profit, i'm not sure you get the whole crypto thing. if you just want good ol dollars, or whatever you're native paper chase might be, step off. this is the future, maybe not doge, but the central banks are going to fail. we can't keep up the bailout shit. this is the why, satoshi gave the world another way. on the backs of others sure, but he, she, they? put all the pieces together. and i say thank you.

legendary necro.

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