Dogecoin Giveaway 3k+

Hello fellow tek syndicaticans and shibes,

This giveaway will be for 3,000 dogecoins. a small contribution to the community of hopefully many more :)

All you have to do is comment on this post with:

  • Something about Logans beard (how it was forged, the myths or etc...)
  • your dogecoin address


Giveaway will run till the 5th of May (here in Australia).

i may also do random small giveaways throughout but feel free to give to others :)


 *** Giveaway over. ***

great stories of the bear have been told. i must admit i lol'd.
counting the entries and using, i have randomly selected the winner.

congrats to Abu29 winning 3,000 dogecoins.

Other entries will be given small amounts to say thanks.
Let me know if you'd like to see more giveaways on Tek Syndicate. 

I don't have doge coin address but I hate telstra and I suspect that Logan == Viking. So ill just take like 1 bitcoin to 187CtzJGVjcj9x7rND7xAUk1bFciJgUMJc to keep quiet.

Someone leaked the true identity of Agent Beard



Forgot the Dogecoin address: DSR8h4fFCjt2nmcczbVfTxoPvycsMQL6D1

...And I'm pretty sure Logan's beard is woven from the back hair of pirates. 

I'm thinking Logan's beard came from the Viking gods or maybe shaved Qain's beard off and glued it on to his face


what if op found a vulnerability in dogecoin and now he has access to your wallets?

Can you steal from a wallet that has a balance of 0.0? That would be a great vulnerability!


what if from there he gets access to your noods in your photobucket?

op is actly nsa

Logan's Beard was grown by the greybeards. Sheogolath was the birther of his beard, he was one of the greater and lesser known greybeards. After many great battles and other shenanigans, Sheogolath found himself wounded outside of the greybeard crib up ontop of that mountain in Skyrim, the name of which escapes me. Of course a little known Dragonborn, played of course by Logan, made his way up ontop of the mountain with his boatload of mods and found Sheogolath. Logan was bored and decided to kill him. As a result of the death, his beard flew off his face and traveled through the internet to a magical 3D printer where the beard was printed. The only color of polymer remaining was a rich dark brown in which the beard was printed. After it was finished the beard flew out the window and traveled across the North American continent to find his creator, only then did it find Logan, deciding to attach itself to his face in his sleep in the name of glory and freedom.


P.S. I hope these words put together makes sense

Well, you see, Logan is a trans-humanist time traveler from the near future. So, his "beard" is really just an illusion projected on his face. In fact, it's quite possible he isn't even wearing pants.




Logan's beard is so majestic I had to watch the Tek 3 times this week to absorb its greatness.


I mean Logan's beard is great in all, really, but I have always wondered this... How does he keep such beautiful fore head?! It's like Jesus is bursting out of his head into the wild.

Logan's beard is the meaning of life. Gandalf is proud 


Logan cut off his long hair, combined it with khakis and glued it to his face.  I thought that was obvious....

Address or whatever (I dunz care about teh munniez, man):DQQCGHVMcvm1NwoEHFmKVuWy4uihS3RpzV



Logan's beard is a mystery that should never be told, however it's to be revealed here. Logan's beard was born to the name Ronan Quinlan. parents Bill Gates and Albert Einstein (it was a one night stand). he was raised on the tops of the Himalayan mountains by a pack of intelligent Yetis. They led him closer to fulfill the prophecy, guarded by the race of bigfoots in the wild tundra of Alaska. There the battle of Ragnarok 2.0 commenced. Thousands of bigfeet (plural for Bigfoot) lay wasted by the onslaught of Yetis. Ronan was led to a cave at the border of Canada and Alaska. Here was Ronan Quinlan's eternal quest, selecting a worthy man of wild hair and great stature whom enjoys the music of blood and anguish. whom also strangely lived in the land of Miami to tame the evil hair that praises the psychopath Steve Jobs and consoles. upon arriving in Miami Ronan visits his nearest tiger direct hoping to find his nemesis examining a plethora of apple devices and dohickies. the two battled as Logan sold a macbook to a hipster customer. finally Ronan set his home on the face of Logan to rest in an eternal slumber.



3000 doge is worth $1.37..

Bitcoin was once the same. It wont reach the $100's for each coin like bitcoin but in the years to come, it might be worth a decent amount.