Doge Coin

Just wondering If any one else has got Into Dogecoin?



Yeah I found a Reddit post that explains my current feeling on Doge coin, I love how I've only been mining for a couple hours and already have 3000 Doge coins.


I still regret not investing in bitcoins back when they were $1 because I felt they wouldn't amount to anything... I did the same with litecoins as well, and look at where they stand today. I can remember people giving away bitcoins and me thinking it wasn't worth getting a wallet for it.

Hindsight is 20/20, they say.

I found out about dogecoins yesterday and decided that, regardless of how silly it seems, I wasn't going to make the same mistake three times in a row. I looked up stuff on the web about mining dogecoins and litecoins and eventually figured out how to mine them. I actually wasn't expecting to be able to mine them since I'm on a laptop, but it's not been too bad... not great, but at least I'm getting some coins.

Yesterday I mined DOGE off and on and managed to acquire nearly 5k in a few hours, and 1k in a little less than an hour. Today, unfortunately, it's getting more difficult, and after about 8 hours of mining, I have accumulated just over 4k coins (a couple of hundred were orphaned (whatever that means)). I got home from dinner tonight and saw that someone sent 1,337 DOGE to my Reddit address, so if you're reading this and sent me that, I thank you.

My experience in this one day of mining dogecoins has been a learning one. It's fun, and while I definitely don't have a good enough machine to make millions, the rewards per block right now at least makes it feel worthwhile (100+ coins per block is what I'm usually getting). If you count all of the coins I've made and calculate their approximate worth, I've made about $1 in 24 hours doing nothing but read Reddit posts and stare at the doge pool charts. Not bad if you ask me.

According to GUIMiner, I'm getting 26 kH/s, though the pool I'm in currently says 21 kH/s. It fluctuates between 15 kH/s and 45 kH/s on the pool site, so I don't know if I should believe that or GUIMiner.

But yeah, I just wanted to say that mining DOGE has been an awesome experience thus far. It's gotten me more interested in cryptocurrencies and now I'm considering the possibility of getting into more serious mining. The longer I wait, the more difficult I assume it'll become to get a decent payout, though, and I'm not going to be getting a better machine anytime soon... such dilemma

Anyone else start with dogecoin? Or perhaps you already have experience mining and just decided to sink your teeth into some doge." 

sorry for the wall of text...

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Thanks for posting. I want to start mining lol

What're the specs of your laptop?

I'm currently using a desktop, specs are a 3770K and gtx770...

I got into dogecoins on day 2, and with my 660ti at 180kh/s I have got 970k. I have also bought steam games with dogecoin. I quite like it but with the difficulty currently at 65, it is now almost out of reach for the average PC. Your hashrate is low because Nvidia cards are not as good as AMD for mining so you need to use cudaminer that helps but doesn't make it on par with equivalent AMD cards. 

Yeah I use cudaminer, I've mined 65k with cudaminer.. Il be doing another run tonight

It's getting more then less difficult, DDoS attacks are proving to be a slap from Doge's success, doge abuse, much hate, so mean, doge apologized.


But in all honesty, I have about 1600 coins, I basically just wanted to step my foot in the door early, the popularity with this is trying to force it into a success.

1M Dogecoin for $810, sold

I think that tek syndicate should have donation wallets for every coin. And I mean every coin.

The mining for this coin has gotten ridiculous. Every pool I see has like 1200-2200% of shares per block. I think someone is direct attacking the nodes (wallet client randomly falls behind).

I currently have about 32k doge and i feel i may have missed the train. At this point it is ridiculously hard to mine anything.

Yeah I agree Logan add dogecoin donations? Same here I mined 65k and now just waiting to see if there will be a price rise... 

I've been keeping an eye on the price. You may want to consider dumping it now while it's still worth something.

Since you have so much just sell 35k on ebay and hope for the best

Yeah but I dont want to sell on ebay, for the main reasons so many people have been scammed by buyers through chargeback...

I just got into mining today, and in 2 hours I mined about 600 Doge. I was talking to an expert miner in the pool I joined (seriously do it it's the only way now with the difficulty at 150+) and I got my HD-7870 to 270KH/s. The secret to mining doge is a high memory clock.

My current settings are:

Core: 1050 MHZ

Memory: 1500 MHZ

VDDC: 1175 MV

Your hash rate will go up the cooler your card is by the way, It's winter here, and i opened the window to my room which let my card drop from 70c to 58c and saw a KH/s boost of 7 Kh/s

Hey all. i just started Doge coin today. i have a pretty good system but i am really new to mining anything. is there a way to tell how many coins i have mined so far. i have been running the miner for about 2 hours. I got into Doge coin just to learn about mining and cryptocurrency.

technically, yes. multipool *just* added it.

Okay so where can i view it at? sorry for my newbness..

Dumb move!

Coins are up, my 30,000 doge went from $11 to $23 just overnight, it's 13 to the penny right now, if it hits $0.01 I have $300 for the small GPU time investment I put into it, at that point I may still hold on.