Does x370 support hd 7950?

Does anyone know if the ax370 gaming 5 supports the hd 7950?

Any reason to think not?

Newer cards on older chipsets would more likely be a problem. (BIOS era with UEFI)


One has a PCIe slot, one is a PCIe card. If those don’t go together something is wrong.

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I’m getting code b2, which people are thinking means my gpu is not supported.

check out teh link i found

TL;DR: update your BIOS

I can’t. I have no other gpus.

Makes sense for old board + new GPU.
Which is exactly the other way around.

What about the other PCIe slots?

I tried 2 of the 3. Won’t fit in the 3rd because there isn’t enough space.

Try the card in another system.

It works. I just took it out of another Staten

try resetting the bios? Idk if it supports uefi?