Does tigerdirect usa ship graphics cards to new zealand

i was just wondering because cards in new zealand are really expensive

and if they do how much would the shipping be

I live in NZ too. And I could cay that the cards here are indeed quite pricey here, compared to the states. But I'm not really sure if you'll have to pay for shipping+NZ Customs fees. It's really up to Tiger if they would willing to pay those for you but I know that Amazon will pay them off for you so you'll only have to pay for the product itself.

But alas, the only reason why things in NZ are so expensive compared to the states is because of the GST we had to pay and the fact that most of the stores may not be able to stock up every products we want. I asked the same question on the other forum board, only it's about Amazon and some said that they don't get to pay the shipping and Customs fees. Other though indicated that.

ok um how much was a gtx 670 purchased from amazon with shipping


I have no idea about the shipping costs since I have never bought anything from overseas yet. But again, maybe Amazon will let you pay only the cost of the product such as the EVGA GTX 670 and the rest will be dealt with them. But it is recommended to pay in full so you'll have to check on the international shipping costs and the Customs duty costs as well. But here's the good part, if Amazon thinks you've overpaid them because they've paid those 2 things for you, they'll refund that unnecessary amount back.

One thing to note is that some products cannot be shipped outside the US, like that Core i7 990x, which I'm hunting for right now... XD

You can find out if your particular item can be shipped internationally or not by scrolling down a product's page. Example; as you can see, that GTX 670 can be shipped internationally.


ok thanks for all the help