Does this work?

Ok, so hello everyone this is my 4th computer build, but im still afraid that im going to order the wrong parts.

Here are the parts

I just need to know will this explode or will it work.

(btw r9 280x 3gb costs 290 euros in here :D)

fx 4300 isn't really good. what is your country? and what is your budged? it will work but it's a older motherboard and weak cpu compared to the gpu.

if you're german. don't know about the cpu cooler and yes you need a aftermarket cooler.

caviar green is fine but not for a boot drive btw. 7950 is almost the same as a 7970 (280x) and it's from sapphire which is the main company on amd side. i don't like xfx gpu's cuz they are loud.

I live in finland an my budget is 600 euros. Any suggestion are good.

This build is good but it goes WAY over my budget and BF4 doesnt come free with this.

what site can i use?  145 euro 92 euro 230 euro 55 euro 63 euro 78 euro


660 euro is that oke? the motherboard is ugly for 30 euro you have the 990fx one which is black. it has 8+2 power phase design so your motherboard can handle the cpu. gtx 760, you can't get more than that and bf4 is really cheap now, i don't recommend the game btw. gtx 760 comes with a game i believe not sure which game.

Thanks for putting a lot of effort into this. i think ill go with this one then. btw whats wrong with bf4?

whats good about bf4? no it's ok but i enjoyed bf3 way more than bf4. there are many bugs like no sound which is annoying. the vanilla maps are pretty bad for rush. they game feels also slow, you can't do what you want if you're a fast rusher. if you want the game buy dlc. the dlc is pretty good. bf4 is arrount 30$ and i don't know about premium.

i almost bought a fx 8320 but weird things happend and i got a totally different pc now. but i took my 3 months to choose the parts etc so i know stuff about the fx 8320 and the amd chipsets:). thanx btw,it's a plus for you and a plus for me. you get advice and i learn a new language:)

This build actually isnt for me. im building this for my friend and i have fx 8150 on my own pc. And just a heads up if you ever want to learn finnish i can tell you its hard very very hard :D

i know:(. google translate isn't that good. i'm dutch which is allready hard, i can do german and english and french but french is pretty hard. i did 2 years latin and old greek on school and i always wanted to learn finnish and danish. don't know why.

You seem to be pretty good with languages. I can only speak finnish and english and im trying to learn swedish in order to get through high school, but swedish and english mix so easily which makes learning swedish very hard.

i don't know about swedish. do they have different types like german has nominativ and akkusativ. if know latin and greek every language is easy since most language are based on latin. but i don't think finnish danish and swedish are based on latin.