Does this work as a decent build?

Where are you going to use the system for?

The Asus 290 DCUII is not realy a card i would recommend by the way.
The cooling unit on it is realy rubbish.

It's looking to be a gaming rig, however,a last minute change has gone on; I'm switching to the sapphire tri-x r9 290, cheaper and just as good. (better cooling I think too)

The Sapphire TriX is way better.

If this is mainaly a gaming rig, and you could afford a locked i5 with a H97 mobo, then i would recommend that over a FX8 core for gaming.
The reason is that an haswell i5 has way better per core performance and ipc then a FX cpu, and there are still manny games that take an advantage of that.

If you take into an account that a FX8 core chip needs a decent motherboard and a decent cooler to run it properly, especialy wenn you wanne overclock.
It will cost you arround the same as a locked haswell i5 + H97 mobo for example.
No matter how high you overclock that FX83xx chip, it will still getting beaten by a locked haswell i5 in most games, especialy cpu demending games at 1080p.

i did a little tweak to your build

non overclocking:


These builds will perform better in most games.
With the locked build, you could also go with a 390 instead of a 290 if you like too.
If you look at the price of the locked i5 build its even cheaper then the FX8350 setup.
There is even room for a SSD.

Gigabyte R9 390 8GB - 247$... The same price as 290, but way faster and cooler, and better...
It is weird... There is no Sapphire 390, which saddens me greatly, because i am a bit of Sapphire fanboy for the last few years...

As awesome as that is of you to set up, I'm afraid my current build is already past my budget (in that £200 of it doesn't exist yet). So I'm really not sure that I'm gonna be able to afford an intel build :/ What would you say about the fx 6350 tho? Cos it seems to be one of the best price/performance budget cpu's out there (and I can get it for £30 cheaper on amazon).

Seriously tho, thanks very much for those links.

i changed the cpu to get another 30 pounds off.

The FX6350 is not a bad cpu, but it will definitely bottleneck that R9-290 in certain cpu demending games, especialy at 1080p.
If you can afford the i5 somehow it will be a better allround cpu for gaming.
But if you realy cant, then the FX6350 will not be a bad choice.

@NJM1112 exaly uses a FX6350 + Sapphire 290 TriX, and he seems to be very happy with it.
Here is his older thread about it.
Ofc these are 1080p and 1440p benchmarks so keep that in mind.

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there's also 1080p benches in there

Just wondering: If I could get up to that price range, wouldn't it just be a better idea to go for the 8350? Or is the i5 still a better all round gaming cpu?

Games rarely use more than 4 cores, if ever...
8350 have 8 slow cores. I5 have 4 fast cores. So for gaming the faster cores show better results.
I3 on the other hand have only 2 fast cores, and the gaming industry starts to use more than 2 cores. The hyperthreading shows improvement, but I would rather go with 4 physical cores than hyperthreading. So if you can't get to i5 - 8350. If you can get to i5 - it will show better gaming experience in almost any game...

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If you haven't actually done the build yet you should do the SSD and the CPU all together :P I would save up some for the 8350 and do a nice asus board with it. Also you could get away with just an SSD for a boot drive and a few striped TB HDD's.

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FX6350 vs FX8350 isnt realy that much of a diffrence wenn it comes to gaming.
like i said above if you compair the price of a FX8350 setup with decent mobo + cooling, its even more expensive than a locked i5 + H97.
No matter how high you overclock that FX8350, it will still get beaten by even a locked i5 in allot of games.
So to me those FX8 cores dont make much sense anymore for gaming nowdays.